How SEO Has Evolved Over the Years?

Are you very eager to know how SEO has evolved over the years ? Every SEO company in India will surely want the viewers to study this post to understand these changes. 1.       Prominence of Original Content Every SEO company in India will acknowledge the growth of original, relevant, and quality content these days. Previously, the web world was accustomed to the plagiarized, duplicate, and irrelevant content publication. However, the arrival of the Google Panda update in 2011, put an end to the spammed content generation permanently. Eventually, this update has enabled the content developers to serve the viewers with informative and quality content.    2.       Ban on Keyword Stuffing One of the core techniques of the Black Hat SEO is keyword stuffing. At the very beginning, this unethical method was practiced widely to raise the website’s rank. However, the Panda update of Google has permanently brought an end to such a trend permanently. Now, SEO experts only deploy the

Post-COVID world - Do you think it will be different from the pre-COVID scenario? Justify your view.

Covid-19 has not yet been over. Despite the mass vaccination drive in countries like the USA, UK, India, and so on, the coronavirus is rapidly mutating. This has raised the concern of the health experts. Presently, scientists are working hard to deal with the Delta variant which is highly infectious. Health professionals have not yet been able to answer when this Covid-19 virus and its variants will leave the world permanently. You need to be optimistic. The motivation of a Covid-free world should run inside you. The outbreak of coronavirus has brought many changes in our regular social and professional lives. Even children and teenagers are also witnessing these changes. New Normal and Old Normal The severe effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has unveiled two new terms- new normal and old normal .  What is New Normal? The present Covid-19 era is the new normal . Wearing a mask, using hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing, stay healthy and stay home , work from home

Why Should You Use Infographic to Promote Business Online?

Do you want to promote business online uniquely? Using infographics is certainly the best idea. Right now every company is concentrating on developing infographic to raise their business graph. Now, the question arises– Why Should You Use Infographics to Promote Business Online ? Please read these points below thoroughly Tapping Right C ustomers Viewers usually tend to devote much time in reading information which is visually depicted. In that case, use of infographics is actually a brilliant idea. It will help you in conveying the right message quite easily through presenting data embedded in an attractive graphic design. Raising B rand C onsciousness   It is the infographic that provides vital information regarding any company through showcasing the web address, official logo, mail address and other alternative medium of communication. This eventually helps you in developing brand awareness among the users in a creative way. Improves S ite R anking    We